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TRUST by author Ken Buist

Individual trust has been defined as: “Being prepared to willingly relinquish control, making oneself vulnerable to another in order to achieve a certain outcome or consequence”. Trust between two parties is where a “win win” attitude replaces the scenario of “I trust you to help me for my benefit alone”. It has been described as: “Possessing a shared belief that the parties can depend on one another to achieve a common purpose, to function with the same value system, and to always act so as to maintain and promote the dignity, welfare and interests of each other as absolute equals”.    

Trust is a currency of almost every interpersonal relationship. The deeper the relationship becomes, the more vital the part trust has to play. Trust enables us to collaborate confidently with each other. When we trust, communication becomes more open and frequent. Silences become less threatening, often reassuring. Trust brings freedom from the fear of confronting issues. Conflicts are more speedily resolved.


Trust Me:

is Ken's latest book dedicated to equipping individuals to achieve commercial success through attaining personal excellence and becoming a Trusted Adviser. Its material guides the reader through a comprehensive range of paradigms explaining the human makeup and proceeds to enable the reader to grow personally and enhance their ability to connect, communicate, and influence.

With a plethora of corporate scandals currently shaking global confidence in professional integrity and corporate governance, this book’s publication is indeed, timely. It addresses character issues, personal integrity, probity, honesty, and above all: trustworthiness. This book will challenge your perceptions, values and behaviours by examining the qualities others seek in those they trust, the reasons why these criteria differ between individuals, and how to discern and match their requirements.

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