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In order to be highly successful in the modern business economy, it is essential to be able to present with passion & power Your personal and consequently your company success will often depend on your ability to persuade others to your point of view. This is best achieved by being able to connect deeply with your audience and by appealing to their inner needs and desires. Once connected, by designing and delivering a well-constructed message with passion, you will persuade hearers by the power of your argument and the impact of your personality. 

A Ancient Presentation Model by Aristotle

  Audiences are much more persuaded by the depth of our passion than by the eloquence of our presentation. The Presentation Model alongside reflects the 3 Dimensions of Persuasion first described in the classic, “The Art of Rhetoric” by the ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle. LOGOS - the ESSENCE of the presentation, PATHOS - the APPEAL to the hearers of the message & ETHOS - the IMPACT of the presenter.

 To simply teach tips & techniques or focus on skills is helpful, but only part of the recipe for success. During this program we focus on each of the three crucial dimensions of persuasion. Together, they produce powerful and persuasive presentations which come from within.

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