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  The 7 Principles of BUILDING RAPPORT


Principle # 1 - Develop an Attractive Personality

 * People are attracted to people who are attractive. Adopt a Positive Self Image & Mindset .
 * Display Confidence, Leadership, Passion, Kindness, Humility, Emotional Control and a Sense of Purpose

Principle # 2 - Become Genuinely Interested in Other People

 * Focus on the other person and their interests. Learn and apply the twelve facets of ‘Empathy’ .
 * Observe rather than judge, establish common ground and values; always think the best of others.

Principle # 3 - Aim to Meet the Other's ‘Crucial Needs’

 * Rapport will only occur when both parties conclude consciously or unconsciously that their ‘Crucial Needs’ for Security, Significance & Self-Worth are being met.
 * Aim to make the other person feel ‘Loved’ ‘Important’ & ‘Valued’ , whatever the situation. 

Principle # 4 - Become an Excellent Communicator

 * Smile and be an Exemplary Listener ™. Encourage others to communicate about themselves.
 * Communication will be enhanced when you engage the other person by adopting their 'Perceptual Preferences' and interacting according to those preference characteristics.

Principle # 5 - Be Like Them
 * People build rapport to meet their own needs , not yours. People build rapport with people they like , and people like people who are like them !
 * The potential for establishing rapport is greatly enhanced when one party is able to Mirror & Match the behaviour of the other, thus sending back the message ‘we are alike’ .

Principle # 6 - Understand and Adapt Behavioural Style

 * Examine and hone the traits of your own behavioural style . Observe, quickly identifying and valuing others’ behavioural styles. 
 * Be flexible, adapting your style in order to dramatically improve communication, significantly deepen relationships and enhance productive connections .

Principle # 7 - Cultivate Trust & Trustworthiness

 * Understand the characteristics of trust and how to develop the six essential dimensions of Trustworthiness.
 * Trust is at the heart of rapport. Display Credibility, Integrity and Dependability, reducing Self-Interest and Inconsistency


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