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Quality Trusted Cooperative Relationships underpin and are at the heart of every individual, team or organisational success story. You may be a team member determined to do well in your role, or team leader trying to obtain commitment to a common goal within a team. You may be a sales-Professional trying to connect with your customer at a deeper or more meaningful level. You may be a CEO focussed on obtaining a unity of purpose within the organisation, or a new employee attempting to carve out a new career path. All have one thing in common: the need to build quality trusted relationships.


All relationships revolve around personal needs being met. Met needs build relationships, unmet needs erode relationships. At a basic level we all have a need for security, significance and self worth. If we are going to achieve and remain in a cooperative relationships, as a minimum these basic needs, need to be met. In addition there must be mutual trust, mutual concern and mutual comfort. There needs to be more emphasis on the other person rather than adopting a selfish approach.

It has been said that within relationships, everything we do is motivated by love; either the love of others or the love of our self. Love of others facilitates trust & rapport, whilst love of our self hinders trust & rapport.

Trusted Adviser Relationships

Most people are a Trusted Adviser to at least one person. Think of a parent and child or husband and wife, of friends or work colleagues together, we slip into the Trusted Adviser role at different times in our relationships. In a business relationship, you will either be seen as ‘vendor’ or, where you have demonstrated your ability over time, you will have become a ‘preferred supplier’ or ‘partner’. The next stage is Trusted Adviser, which is a key positioning describing how clients perceive you and your organisation.

It is a deeper level of ‘trusted’ relationship which comes from a client’s confidence in you and others within your organisation to consistently deliver advice, products & services, beyond expectation. The more a client is able to trust you, the more effective you will be in influencing them. The establishment of Trust is something that grows as a result of positive experiences over time.



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