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Accelerate your personal income, enhance your professional reputation when you associate or partner with our team at The Trusted Adviser.

Are you part of LEADERSHIP, MANAGEMENT, TRAINING, SALES or HR or run your own business based on COACHING, PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, CONSULTANCY, FACILITATION & TRAINING. If so expand your horizons and share in our success delivering for us or with us. As a free gift during getting to know each other, you will become certified as a next generation DISC Behavioural Specialist. Unlike other DISC training our DISCovery training will equip and empower you to work with the 'whole person' Temperament, Values, Character as well as the art of Rapport.

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Held at the prestigious: Selsdon Park Hotel - just 15 minutes outside London

What is the return on the investment of your time?
* Quality Training:  Unlike most other DISC training, our method doesn't just focus on the 4 quadrant characteristics. of High D, High I, High S, and High C. Our more in depth approach provides a dynamic understanding of behavioural styles that use the many positions of all four graph points (highs and lows) and how they interact with one another particularly with regard to our highly acclaimed unique Rapport Builder™,

 * Low cost Investment:  All who deliver for us carry this minimal certification. There is no charge for tuition, complimentary material and certification during which you will receive a comprehensive personal assessment and access to a unique on-line customer rapport building tool valued at over £200. All we ask you to pay is the day delegate rate of £39 + VAT for the prestigious Selsdon Park hotel which covers meals and unlimited teas & coffee.

TESTIMONIAL: After partnering with Trusted Adviser I have become an expert in building trust and rapport and am certified in using the next generation DISC assessments which I use regularly when coaching individuals and teams. In the last 12 months I have added over £100,000 to my turnover as a result of my connection with Ken. Sue Coyne - Coach & Consultant 

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* TRAINED BY EXPERTS: You will be trained and certified by KEN BUIST a recognised expert in the field of behavioural transformation. His training and influence has taken many consultants to a new level of expertise and income. With 20 years experience of using DISC and other solutions, Ken is a published author on the topic having also designed, written and presented his own on-line assessments and solutions. Ken heads up a specialist team and has delivered his methodologies to individuals and teams in over 20 countries who to date have increased their revenue by more than £100 million.

You will be co-trained by SIMON TYLER. Simon has coached more than 500 people 1on 1, delivering some 3,000 coaching sessions since becoming a professional executive coach in 2001. His relationship with Lloyds TSB over the last 4 years has seen him work with hundreds of leaders in transition, personally coaching over 200 business leaders from across the group and is well known for his own style of energetic facilitation of conferences and team development events. He is valued, respected and acknowledged as being a significant factor in successful change and personal transformation.

TESTIMONIAL:  Simon Tyler -  In 15 years of coaching I have rarely seen an individual exhibit such empathetic yet focused ability to clearly identify and help clients uncover the insights and motivation to resolve their professional challenges” Sean Weafer - Coach

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