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In order to be considered trustworthy, two things need to happen. Another person needs to be prepared to trust you, and you need to be able to demonstrate that you are worthy of that trust, in other words, trustworthy. This goes beyond honesty and integrity. It requires professional competence to deliver the expected outcome.

A definition of trustworthiness is: “keeping one’s word and being worthy of another’s confidence. Being sound in principles, full of integrity, reliable, capable and dependable.”

The Trustworthiness Quotient™ is an assessment of your Trustworthiness. After answering 24 questions on-line, you will receive your measurement along with instruction on how to develop
Trustworthiness = Dependability + Integrity + Credibility + Empathy
whilst reducing Self-interest & Inconsistency
in order to be perceived as Trustworthy.

The Trustworthiness Quotient™ and results can be taken and delivered on–line direct to your desktop.

You can View/Download Ken Buist's ebook entitled 'What Client's Want' to learn the importance of Trustworthiness!


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