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Have you been new generation DISC certified by usIf so expand your horizons and earning capacity by becoming  a TA certified practitioner delivering next generation DISC, Workplace Motivators & Character solutions which will significantly enhance your profile & reputation within your organisation and with clients. 

Held at the prestigeous Selsdon Park Hotel - just 15 minutes outside London

What is the return on investment?
* Quality Training; Go deeper with DISCovery™ and The Rapport Builder™ solutions and with your clients. Coach them with the unique Workplace Motivators ™ solution, desiged to uncover the 'why' and characteristics of different behaviours. Stay connected longer and obtain  a more authentic client relationship with The Character Index™ suite.  This is a highly interactive certification where you will coach individuals with the various reports.

Character is the learned dimension of our personality. Being learned it has the greatest potential for change and personal growth as it can be both unlearned and relearned. During this day you will learn how character is an important ingredient of Leadership Sales & Personal Development, where it fits into our life cycle, contributing eventually to our destiny.

The Character Suite™
You will learn how to administer and coach with The Character Index™& The Sales Character Index™The Index is part of The Character Suite™ a powerful transformation program designed to enable and equip you and your clients to master character traits, and develop leadership or Sales influence. Along with in-depth personal reports, you will receive a comprehensive workbook and learn how to coach clients to achieve a higher level. This workbook combined with your learned skills will envision and equip clients or staff to turn limiting immature traits into powerful and productive mature traits.

Character Traits          
Dynamic Attributes;
Inward Expressions;

Passive Attributes;
Outward Expressions;

By the end of this workshop day you will have a thorough understanding of your own character traits and a personal action plan to turn any immature character traits into a powerful force for good. In addition you will be equipped to coach clients or colleagues to develop either their leadership character or their sales character

Workplace Motivators™; what prompts people to behave differently, how can you ensure the right people are in the right jobs and motivate them to achieve more for themselves and their organisation? The answer could be in their 'values or hidden motivators'), knowledge of a persons values help to tell us WHY they do things.
The Workplace Motivaors™ report identifies six different values that motivate an individual to take action.

Benefits for the client  


  * Knowledge
  * Money
  * Harmony
  * Helpfulness
  * Power
  * Order
This powerful report and workbook will help you  illuminate and amplify for your client, some of those motivating factors and an action plan to build on the strengths that each person brings to the team & organisation. Uncovering these motivators identify strengths that make each person unique within the organisation.



Practitioners will be equipped to use all products & solutions for the purpose of Recruitment, Sales & Leadership Development, Training, Personal & Team Development and Coaching.

* Trained by an expert; You will be trained and certified by Ken Buist, a recognised expert in the field of behavioural transformation. With 20 years experience of using DISC and others, Ken is a published author on the topic  having also designed, written and presented on line, his own assessments and solutions. Ken heads up a specialist team and has delivered his methodologies to individuals and teams in over 20 countries who to date have increased their revenue by more than £100 million.

* Limited Places: To ensure individual personal attention, each workshop is limited to 12 delegates as places are limited, book early to avoid disappointment. See various incentives for early booking.

* Low cost Investment: Upon satisfactory completion of the workshop each delegate will leave with all the relevant material required to perform as a practitioner. In addition they will receive their Trusted Adviser Certification Certificate and complimentary assessments valued at £250.

COST £299 - price includes meals, coffees etc, tuiton fees and complimentary materials valued at £250.
* Next workshop (new dates soon) - book here £299 + VAT

If you would like to discuss in more depth the different certifications and whether or not they are right for you contact;
Ken Buist; Tel +44 (0)1732 462 444 – or email at:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  for an initial no obligation discussion about how to move your staff, business and your clients to that place of fulfilled potential.

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