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 “Ken Buist has developed an insightful and practical approach to understanding oneself and how to transform personal potential into reality. From a business perspective this is a powerful tool to maximize resource potential and contribute towards competitive advantage.”
Iain Burgess
Head of Transportation Systems - DHL Europe

 “The Trusted Adviser™ program, actually it's less of a program and more of a journey.  Trusted Adviser has and will continue to add value to our business objectives and my professional skills in many ways.  It has provided me a clear action plan for the ‘work in progress’!”
Neil Ward
Client Director - LogicaCMG
“Ken Buist's methods can help everyone. Compared to any skills training, he offers a holistic methodology that will benefit both your personal and professional lives. I've seen even the most experienced professionals apply Ken's methods and establish enhanced client relationships to great success."
Jerry Coffey
Director Business Critical Services - Compaq Global Services USA
 “We needed to put together a large, global team to implement our internal Information Systems. Using the approach developed by Ken, we moved from an environment of internal strife to one of external customer focus which produced great results in a short space of time.”
Roger Newman                                                                               
IS Applications Director - Reuters - UK
 "Ken Buist is one of the rare few who know the truth - that in business, interpersonal dynamics are what matters most.  Helping others build successful business relationships through listening, creating trust and living authentically, is not only his mission, but his special gift." 
Marina Ashanin,
Director of Public Affairs -  Dow Europe.
 “The workshop and assessments were excellent and really helped people. The business has gone well and sales are up”
Trevor Powell
Sales Manager - AIG
 "With Ken's help our leadership team was able to develop some profound insights into themselves, in a short period of time. This experience will be invaluable in seeking to build a team of senior leaders able to work together to achieve extraordinary results."
Paul Lawrence
Operations Director – The Hoyts Corporation - Australia
 “I can honestly say not only did I find the workshop very enlightening and appropriate for life skills but the overall impact of that time has had a lasting effect.”
Nicky Griffiths                                                     
Area Manager – Topshop Topman
 “The Rapport Builder™ is a fascinating communication tool; I'm finding it extremely useful!”
Katie Melleresh  
Editor - Oxford University Press


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