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PASSION - is the shaping dimension of the 'whole' person within The Authentic Self™ and is expressed as  our ‘Personal Gifting™. It is present from birth but its characteristics are not always obvious to us. It grows and matures over time as we become aware of it, use it and learn how to develop it. Your particular Gifting is identified through the The Personal Gifting Indicator™.

The Different Giftings

Our research suggests there are seven key gifts. All of us have a preference for one, our ‘Principal Gifting’, over the other six. When our behaviour (e.g. work activity) or performance at a task is being motivated by our ‘Principle Gifting’, then we will experience optimum satisfaction and effectiveness. They are also an important ingredient in us achieving contentment and fulfillment at work.

Whilst our motivations, needs and desires can be superficial and transitory, our Gifting comes from deep down within us. It is at the core of our being, often determining much of how we think, act and feel.

There are four ‘Communicating’ gifts and three ‘Empowering’ gifts; one of them will be yours. “Gift” in the Greek = charisma, defined as: ‘Divine gratuity’ ‘a spiritual endowment’ ‘a free gift’.

Personal Gifting is defined as: “The basic inherent motivation which both enables and equips individuals to function to maximum effectiveness with a minimum of resistance. Our personal gifting comes naturally to us, and within it we are both comfortable and competent. Shaping your personality, it is a passion which tends to express itself in how we expedite tasks, and the manner in which we relate to other people“ Ken Buist. 

Managed To & From your Desktop All of this can be achieved using the latest and emerging technology. Simply answering 43 questions on-line will produce a 15 page report delivered instantly to your desktop or sent to a location of your choosing.

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