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Glossary of Rapport Builder Terms

Words/names used in association with The Rapport Builder™ along with their explanations. * The Rapport Builder™

 * Seeker is the person wishing to build rapport using the on-line solution.

 * The Rapport Contact is the person about whom the Seeker wishes to build rapport through answering the on-line Interpreter.

 * The Rapport Interpreter™ is the on-line question set asked of the Seeker either about themselves (to ascertain their own shape and grid reference), or about their Contact, in order to produce The Rapport Builder™ output.

 * The Rapport Builder™ output is the powerful and personal 6 page report generated from the Interpreter and comparing the Seeker & Contact offering suggested adaptive behaviour which if applied will result in rapid rapport.

 * Master Rapport Builder™ is the accompanying workbook supplied to the Seeker which acts as a permanent coach about adapting behaviour to achieve rapport.

 * Master Rapport Builder™ Coach is an eighty page workbook designed for the coach who wishes to train individuals about adapting behaviour as well as other important dimensions necessary in achieving successful rapport building.

 * A Member is someone who has registered with The Rapport Builder Program. Membership is free and entitles the respondent to a free trial of The Rapport Builder™, a number of free downloads eg articles, discounts on products and services where applicable, and latest research information.

 * A User enjoys all the benefits of being a member but is someone who has there own Rapport Builder licence and account. They can also take advantage of the generous volume discounts based on 6 monthly usage as well as additional skill-building resources located on the site.

 * A Licence is granted to someone who has been licensed by Personal Transformation Ltd and has purchased an amount of Rapport builder units. Someone with a licence is known as a user, and is able to allocate ‘units’ to people of their choosing.

 * A Licence Account is granted to a person (or company) who have been licensed by Personal Transformation Ltd as a user of the Rapport Builder™ as well as being able to distribute it within their own clients as any number of sub-accounts.

 * The Rapport Builder Solution™. Is the name given to the sum total of all the elements eg, Interpreter, Reports, Workbooks, Personal Training and Certification, On-line Account. 


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