The Authentic Self™
Background: We all have a view of ourselves that is formed and reinforced during our lives. This view is our “self-concept”. If this is accurate and we are comfortable within it, we will present our authentic self to the world we inhabit. When inaccurate, or in our opinion unacceptable, it results in the projection of a fictitious self - we wear a mask. Most people do not deliberately set out to present a fictitious persona. However, we react, interact and respond to people and situations according to how we view ourselves at that time.

“The Authentic Self™” is a unique solution designed to envision and equip individuals to realize their full potential. Traditional learning & development focuses on Behaviour change and Skills Improvement. Our approach empowers that behaviour change of the 'outer self' but also focuses on transforming the ' inner self ' who is the true source of our Character (our mind) and Passion (our heart).

It is these dimensions that shape our success, reputation, and ultimately our destiny.

Through a process of interaction and revelation, participants will discover exactly how personal transformation can take place, releasing them from both unrealistic expectations and limiting beliefs.

This in turn enables discovery of the Passion, Purpose & Potential of your Authentic Self™. Those taking part will be enabled and better equipped to achieve all that they are uniquely designed to achieve as an individual, a leader or a valuable team member.